Transport of Vehicles

JH Classic Cars offers to transport not only classic cars, but also usual private cars, luxury cars or vans. We can arrange a transport to any country in the EU. Our transport service is able to transport your car any time of the day, seven days a week, and that all to your complete satisfaction. We offer reliability, quality, promptness and flexibility.

Transport rates:

Basic rate – one transported car - 1 km 

   12,- CZK

Trailer – two transported cars - 1 km

   16,- CZK

Loading and unloading of an immobile vehicle

   500,- CZK

Waiting time incurred by the customer – 1 hour

   300,- CZK

Minimum rate charged for the transport   

   1000,- CZK

Rates do not include a 19% VAT. Fees charged abroad are not included.

Rates are negotiable and discounts may be provided upon agreement.

If you buy a car from us, the transport within the Czech Republic is free of charge for you.

  Transport of Vehicles