Sale of Parts and Accessories


Parts and Accessories

Our company can provide accessories and parts for classic cars. We focus especially on classic English and German cars such as vehicles of the following brands: Jaguar, MG, Austin-Healey, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche. Nevertheless, we are able to provide a great variety of accessories and original parts for any other type of a car. Let us know what you need and we will send you a price quotation by return.


Our company JH Classic cars cooperates closely with the company Auto Horák s.r.o., which is one of the major tyre service shops in the region of South Moravia. Therefore, we can offer almost any tyres for your classic car or motorcycle. We offer tyres of different types and sizes, tyres with white sides, or classic black, bias tyres, belted tyres, original tyres for sport vehicles or special race tyres. Fitting tyres to your car is a part of the sale services we offer. We have many tyres on stock and we sell them at best prices on the market. Send us an e-mail or call us and we will send you the catalogue of our products and services as soon as possible.


We provide upholstery and convertible hoods for the vehicles Mercedes-Benz and Porsche as „semi-finished products“. Such upholstery consists of well made covers and parts that are later installed right into your car. The upholstery is made from the best fabrics only. Car leather used for the upholstery is just the same as the leather used for that particular type of car when it was made. The upholstery thus looks very authentic and the car retains its authentic looks.

Upholstery is carefully cut by the most modern automatic machines. The parts are then sewn and glued together so that the final customer gets a product he can immediately instal without further adjustments. All leather and other fabrics are accurately patterned and perforated according to the period specifications.

Carpets for the interior and car boot are made so that one just needs to put them on the floor. They are made of fabrics corresponding with the year in which the car was made.

Convertible hoods are made from high quality fabrics produced here in Europe that are wear resistant and retain their colours and required quality for many years.

Car Electricity Parts

Company Horák Auto is one of the foremost suppliers of electrical components for personal and commercial vehicles. Close cooperation with this company enables us to provide many particular parts for your classic car. We can arrange as for the bigger parts such as for example alternators, starting systems, dynamos and the likes, as well as for particular components for those parts.

We can manufacture and deliver batteries with the classic period look, batteries of different types and sizes for V6 or V12 engines.

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