Car repair and restoration

A car consists of several thousands parts. Many of those parts are liable to failure after some time. Metal parts corrode, the gasket and other rubber parts crack, mechanic parts get worn or do not work smoothly.

To repair such defects requires a lot of expertise and knowledge in order to achieve a good result so that we (and especially you) can be proud of.

Our company, JH Classic Cars, has considerable experience in the restoration and repair of classic cars as well as motorcycles. We specialize in the cars of European car makers, especially Jaguar, MG, Austin Healey, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, but we are able to provide restorations and repairs on other classic cars too.

At the beginning of a restoration, it is necessary to look up all available information on the car. Therefore, we contact specialized clubs and often even car makers themselves in order to gain accurate information on the car´s history. We make sure that the restored car corresponds to the original such as it left the car maker´s production lines.


The bodywork restoration begins by taking the car completely to pieces. The naked bodywork is than cleared of old paints and flats / varnishes. Not even cleaning is a simple task. It is an essential point of the restoration. A well done cleaning makes the whole work process and new parts insertion easier, but above all it protects the car from corrosion in the future.

After a thorough cleaning, we start the full bodywork restoration. Some parts of the bodywork are often so worn that it is necessary to replace them. Very often, the required part is not on the market anymore, it therefore has to be manufactured. The craftsmanship of our bodymen enables to manufacture the bodywork parts according to the then / period factory plans and specifications.

In the course of all bodywork jobs, it is necessary to treat its repaired parts against corrosion. This especially applies to closed or hidden parts that are later difficult to reach. We use special, tried and tested, brand-name products (waxes, anti-rust paints, rubber paint coats, …) that protect the car many years after the restoration.

When restoring a car, we respect traditional ways of bodywork repairs. We only use modern technologies and materials if it is necessary to achieve the best result.

The course of bodywork restoration is carefully documented so that the customer gets a clear overview of the quality and extent of work done.


A complete revision of the engine and other mechanical parts is an important element when restoring a car. This especially applies to sport and racing cars, where the engine carries a heavy workload and gets worn out quickly. In such case, the engine has to be dismantled and repaired.

First of all, all mechanical parts have to be dismantled and well inspected. Damaged or worn-out parts are replaced with brand-new ones. We purchase all parts from brand-mark producers from all over the world. If the part cannot be purchased anymore, we manufacture it ourselves in compliance with the strictest technological standards.

Our mechanics can further adjust the engine. It is necessary to consider, though, whether such adjustments and increase in performance correspond with the time when the car was made. It is not advisable to bring new elements and technology into a classic car. A modern five-level gearbox should not be installed into a car that never had it. We respect this rule in case of all other adjustments as well.


We use only the best materials in JH Classic Cars that do not lose their features in due time, that are very durable and resistant. When painting a car, we try to keep the original colour shades and paintwork procedures as they were in the times when the car was made.

All study-work and paintwork itself are done only by our trained employees. Due to a high quality bodywork job it is not necessary to use too much body filler. We try to keep the original distribution of basic paint layers and top coats.


We provide upholstery and soft-tops made by high quality German producers specialized in upholstery for classic cars. These products are made of the best fabrics. The car leather use for upholstery is exactly the same as the one used for the particular car in the times when it was made. The upholstery subsequently looks very authentic and the car retains it period structure and patina. All leather and other material are carefully patterned and perforated according to the period specifications.

Well made interior of the car not only looks good, but makes every drive a luxury experience for the driver.


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