Our company JH Classic Cars provides consulting services on the field of buying and selling of veteran cars. We provide all services connected with the purchase of a car in abroad and its transport to your home country.

Before you buy a veteran car you need to answer several basic questions.

Why do you want to buy a veteran car?

Veteran cars have experienced a great boom in the last years. Many people wish to own a veteran or an old-timer. The reason may be their childhood memories if their parents used to own such a car, or the desire to buy again after years his first car that had been so close to his heart. It can be that we want to fulfil our dreams and drive a car that we had known from the magazines, posters or famous movies before.

What car should you buy?

This is an essential question that requires a lot of attention. The purchase itself should be in the first place driven by the feelings or relation you have toward a certain type of car or a brand-mark. Such a feeling often outweighs the advantages of the investment. Our company can advise you on the purchase and sale of a classic car so that you buy a car of your dreams and turn the purchase into a good investment at the same time.

How does the market with classic cars develop?

The market with classic cars is permanently developing. Continuous growth is anticipated for the next 20 years. An average growth of up to 100 percent is anticipated in the next 10 years. A slowdown in economic growth is not expected, quite on the contrary, due to the opening of eastern markets of China and Russia the demand for classic cars is increasing and their value is significantly growing.

What cars are worth investing in?

Generally speaking, all veteran cars increase in value. However, if you buy a veteran car with the vision of a prospective profit, investing into prestigious car brands with an interesting past or cars made in limited series pays off. Aston Martin cars, Ferrari, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz and many other can serve as an example. The value of these cars increases by several tens or even hundreds of percent every year.

Is it better to by a car of a foreign or Czech origin?

If your aim is just to invest money it is better to focus on cars made abroad. However, as it has been said above, the purchase of such a car is also a matter of feelings and emotions, this criteria may therefore not be decisive. For Czech cars applies that there is a greater interest in pre-war cars. The value of some Czech cars has increased several-fold in the past ten years and the perfectly restored cars are nowadays worth several million crowns.

No matter whether a car was made abroad or at home, a general rule applies: car models from the first production runs or first production years are more valued. We should not forget the cars with an interesting past where even the first owner of the car can increase the car´s price several-fold if having a great name. Cars carrying an interesting combination of colours typical for a certain car brand – such as green on a Jaguar, red on a Ferrari and so on, are more valued.

Is it better to buy a restored car of a car in an original state before restoration?

It depends on the individual assessment of the vehicle. The prices of vehicles before and after restoration vary a lot. It is necessary to inspect each car thoroughly and consider if it is worth buying. The best option is to buy a car in an original state, roadworthy, never before restored, original varnish. Such a car is most valuable. Some cars can be so worn up that it pays off to have them restored.

When buying an already restored vehicle, it is important to check the quality of the repairs and their transparency. Not all restorations are perfect and the expertise of the mechanic plays an important role. In the worst case, the low-quality restoration can involve many defects and irreversible/irreparable acts which may only cause troubles in the future and decrease the value of the car. It is not uncommon that a restored car needs to be repaired again and better in order to achieve the original state. Our mechanics and experts will gladly inspect the car you have chosen and help you consider if it is worth investing in.

What is the best place to buy a classic car?

If you want to buy a car of foreign origin, it is advisable to look for the car in the U.S., primarily for cars operated in California. The local climate has helped to preserve many cars in their original state, non-corroded and in a generally good state.

The cars from the U.S. can be currently purchased at convenient prices due to the convenient exchange rate between the Czech crown and US dollar. We are ready to find and transport the car you have chosen all the way to the Czech Republic for you. We arrange all necessary forms and matters and provide the services connected with the transport to the Czech Republic to your satisfaction. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information or a price quotation.